! x3270 profile ! This file overrides xrdb and .Xdefaults. ! To skip reading this file, set NOX3270PRO in the environment. ! Put together by Carey Evans, 1997-1998. ! This file is in the public domain. x3270.keymap.5250: \ MetaF1: PF(1)\n\ ShiftF1: PF(13)\n\ ShiftF2: PF(14)\n\ ShiftF3: PF(15)\n\ ShiftF4: PF(16)\n\ ShiftF5: PF(17)\n\ ShiftF6: PF(18)\n\ ShiftF7: PF(19)\n\ ShiftF8: PF(20)\n\ ShiftF9: PF(21)\n\ ShiftF10: PF(22)\n\ ShiftF11: PF(23)\n\ ShiftF12: PF(24)\n\ F1: PA(1) PF(1)\n\ F2: PA(1) PF(2)\n\ F3: PA(1) PF(3)\n\ F4: PA(1) PF(4)\n\ F5: PA(1) PF(5)\n\ F6: PA(1) PF(6)\n\ F7: PA(1) PF(7)\n\ F8: PA(1) PF(8)\n\ F9: PA(1) PF(9)\n\ F10: PA(1) PF(10)\n\ F11: PA(1) PF(11)\n\ F12: PA(1) PF(12)\n\ Return: EraseEOF() Tab()\n\ ShiftInsert: Dup()\n\ Insert: ToggleInsert()\n\ KP_Insert: ToggleInsert()\n\ ShiftHome: PF(5)\n\ End: FieldEnd()\n\ Control_L: Reset() PF(10)\n\ Control_R: Enter()\n\ ShiftEscape: PF(11)\n\ Escape: PF(9)\n\ Pause: PF(11)\n\ Print: PF(4)\n\ Prior: PF(7)\n\ Next: PF(8)\n\ Scroll_Lock: PF(1)\n\ KP_Enter: Enter()\n ! model (-model) x3270.model: 2 ! keymap (-keymap) x3270.keymap: alt,5250 ! charset (-charset) x3270.charset: us-intl ! toggles (-set, -clear) x3270.blankFill: true